I am so grateful to Mr. DeFelice for his outstanding work on my appeal. So many other lawyers told my family that my case couldn’t be won; but Joe did win it, and won it hands down. My case was highly publicized and politicized. The odds appeared to be against me. My family consulted with numerous attorneys all over NY. Not one of them could see with the clarity that Mr. DeFelice did. Joe presented my appeal brilliantly and prevailed. Always professional and patient with me, and always there for...


My family and I were in litigation for years trying to legalize our status in the United States. We went thru a number of different lawyers and were eventually introduced to Mr. DeFelice. Because of his preparation, and legal arguments we were successful at our trial before the Immigration Court and our status in the United States has been properly legalized. My wife, my children and I are forever thankful for his assistance and dedicated work to our case.


I was a victim of domestic violence, battered and abused by my husband. Mr. DeFelice not only guided me through submitting a successful VAWA application, he went beyond his duty, he was very caring and helpful throughout the entire process. I’m forever grateful. 


I am forever thankful to Mr DeFelice for helping me gain an acquittal. I was mistakenly identified and charged with a serious crime. Because of the efforts of Mr DeFelice, I was found not guilty after a difficult jury trial. 


I was charged with a felony and was concerned not only about possible jail time but also how it would effect my Immigration status in the United States. I had a defense which the prosecutor just did not want to accept and I had no choice but to proceed to trial. Mr DeFelice gained an acquittal on my felony charge which allowed me to avoid jail, and possible removal from the United States. 


In commenting on CPL 440 litigation initiated by Mr DeFelice to overturn a criminal conviction which would result in his client’s deportation, a representative of the Immigrant Defense Fund commented: “This is the most impressive 440 resolution of which i am aware…”