Trial and Appeals Lawyer Joseph F. DeFelice Esq. will seek justice for you or a family member who has been wrongly accused or harmed. With experience in hundreds of cases for criminal, civil and immigration, Mr. DeFelice can help you with court appeals, DWI, real estate and immigration hearings.

Taking action is critical to build a defense quickly in the first few days of an arrest or before formal charges are made. Former Assistant District Attorney, Mr. DeFelice has a trusted reputation with local judges, prosecutors, probation officers and court staff. He'll present the facts, evidence and witnesses to persuade a judge or jury in your favor in a New York Criminal, District, County or Supreme Court.

Mr. DeFelice has been successful in overturning convictions for murder and other serious offenses. He has also had orders of removal and deportation reversed by the Board of Immigration Appeals and to his credit was successful in convincing the Appellate Court that a finding by an immigration Judge of a crime as “aggravated felony” was incorrect. He obtained a reversal of an order for his client which would otherwise led to deportation.

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  • DWI
  • Immigration Hearings
  • Real Estate
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  • Order Reversal
New York Trial Lawyer Joseph F. DeFelice

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