New Immigration Policy-Dream Act

On June 19, 2012 President Barack Obama announced a new policy in an unprecedented effort to transform immigration enforcement into one that will focus on public safety, border security and the integrity of the immigration system rather than upon young men and women who were brought to this Country at a young age and who…


Medical Care For New Arrests

New York, New York.  Thomas F. Liotti, a lawyer from Garden City and Joseph DeFelice, a lawyer from Kew Gardens have initiated a massive damage and public policy action against the City of New York for not properly treating new arrestees with medical care, as needed.  The action which has been commenced in federal court alleges a…


Google Me This

In the social media world of today, where men and women will not date without first conducting a Google search, lawyers have now begun to search out profiles of potential jurors. A recent ABA Journal report noted that the District Attorney (Armando Villalobos) of Cameron, Texas has formally announced that his assistants will now check…


Bailbondsmen Complicate Justice

Bail bond companies give those arrested and charged with crimes a way to leave jail while awaiting trial by posting a fraction of what is required by the courts.  Individuals who are arrested must put up part of the total bail, and the bail bond company will guarantee the rest, allowing individuals the opportunity to…